Monday, November 23, 2009

Fantastic Font Find

I know many of you are budding crafty folk.  You've thought about doing a little something here and there, but it just seems like too much work to make it look cute right?  Well, I have recently become a huge fan of keeping it as simple as it can be.  The point is to tell a story right, so don't worry about not having the money for scrapbook supplies.  Simply grab any sheet of scrapbook paper, and photo 4 x 6 or larger, and sit down at your computer to type.  Tell a story.  And then, when you are done getting it all out, check out this site.  Quickutz font equivalents.  It's really an easy simple way to jazz up a written bit of info.  It's got some of the hottest fonts out there that go with the really expensive quickutz fonts... but most of them have a FREE equivalent.  It's been so much fun.  Not only because I am one of those crazy people that have a lot of the actual quickutz, but because it makes things look so pretty and jazzed up with very little effort.  Try it.  Free, fun, and EASY!  Tell a story today and get a little info off your shoulders and onto some paper for someone to read years down the road.  I hope to post a photo of a page that I have done this with very soon.  Happy crafting and story telling.  :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the importance of friendships.  Through our years we have friends that come and go... we have friends that we have had for many years and develop slowly, and then we also have short friendships that become very deep very quickly... some friendships seem to stay at the acquaintance level and some friendships are what keep us afloat when we just feel like sinking.

This entry isn't to point out who is who in my life, it is just to say that I am thankful for all of my friends.  Every type of relationship, every type of friend... to each of you I am eternally thankful.  I know that you are there if I am down, if I need to talk, or if I need to tell you the best of news.  For this I cannot find any other words except Thank You.

To those of you who are friends of mine,  if you need a friend in me, in any way I haven't seemed to find, remember to ask, or to yell, or to stop by, or to ask me to come over, or to grab me by the face and tell me.  I promise to listen.  I appreciate that I may not always be as tuned in as necessary, but today I am stepping back to say that I am here...

Love you my ladies.  xoxo

Monday, November 16, 2009

Journal a bit

For those of you who read my post a few weeks ago... you will know what I am talking about. To the rest of you, look back a few posts...

I have been taking part in an online class given by Ali Edwards and it has been so much fun to explore my memories in this way. As much as I love scrapbooking, I have done little to really tell any version of my story that would really be useful to anyone 50 years from now. My goal with this class is to get some of it out... to tell some of the stories that I have held in my memory bank. So many of my memories I'm sure are tainted by childhood fogginess, by the desire to forget, or by just plain forgetting. But I do find that many of my memories are fairly accurate. This first set of stories are just "from childhood". My mom after reading them seemed to think they were "mostly accurate"... so I'm okay with that. Regardless of the exact details, the thing that matters is "what I remember" and how it effected me and the memory I have of it.

I had so much fun telling these stories... it was time consuming yes, but what a great feeling it is to know that at least these six stories will always be documented... for years to come. It's really a strangely peaceful feeling. Even with no children to worry about passing them down to, I've got to believe that someone someday will care. :)

My next pages are going to document a particularly difficult event in my life (and frankly many other lives). I have already begun the journaling portion and it has been so very healing for me. This thing that happened nearly 15 years ago can still make me cry, it has honestly impacted me nearly every day of my life and it has been healing to deal... to write about it... to feel that pain again... and be grateful for what it has done to influence my life in a positive fashion despite all of the pain involved. I will unveil the pages soon enough, for now I need to get it all out. Just after journaling a bit about it last night, I felt a little lighter this morning. It feels good to face those things that we maybe never dealt with... even 15 years later... it feels good to find the positive in the pain.

Well, that is it for now... and if you do one thing this week... journal a bit... I know we have all been told before that it is helpful... I'm here to tell you yet again... it is. :)

Crazy Love

I am just loving a new CD. Just thought I would share how it just makes me feel good. It's warm, cozy, and everything that it is NOT outside here these days. Check it out... Michael Bublé's Crazy Love.
*Thank you Justin for finding this CD for me... even if he is not your favorite. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old friends

This last weekend, Justin and I headed up to Seattle for a wedding of a friend of his. His name is Jason and I had never met him. I had also never met the whole group of Justin's "Seattle friends" before this day. It was such a treat to get to meet each one of these wonderful people that I have heard stories about for years. I got to meet the guy who knows how to catch a opossum by the tail, and I got the meet the guy who got the opossum put into his room while sleeping (the groom) many years ago. I got to know the guy who wanted Justin to do a painting of him riding on an eagle wearing chaps and holding two six-shooters. And I got to hear some stories that Justin had neglected to tell me such as a hole in a house they lived in getting spackled shut after a spaghetti dinner was thrown into the wall. Yes, you read it right... spaghetti got spackled INTO the wall. It's hard to believe these guys have survived so long, but love that they have survived it all together. Oh lovely college days.

During the wedding I had sent a text message to my own college roommates because not only was I being reminded of my own college years at this wedding, but it just so happened that the best man had a shocking resemblance to Jack from the show Dawson's Creek which we watched every single Wednesday night all together in college. It was sortof our thing at our college house and we did everything in our power to all be together for this hour every week. I got a text back from Kara first... I wanted to know if she could meet up with us after the wedding but she wasn't feeling well... :( Sad we missed you lady. Then I got a text back from Kim saying that she has just landed in Seattle (she now lives in D.C.) and wanted to have coffee in the morning. YIPPY! I hadn't see her in years, since a wedding in California, and what a wonderful treat it was.

The next morning we got together for brunch and her and I talked and talked and talked about so many things old and new. I love the way she sees the world. I love that she is so driven in career and success. I love that she can turn any horrible situation into something you can learn from. I love that she can listen as well as she can speak. I love that her hug is so sincere. I love that she can laugh at even the horrible stuff yet have such a honest kind heart at her core. I love that she remembers things I told her ten years ago. I love that she is genuinely excited to see me as well, and I love that she is happy for me. I loved everything about this chance meeting and feel like I could have stayed at that restaurant for ten more hours visiting. About two hours in Justin came for a visit and they hit it off great. I am so glad I sent that silly text message and so glad that she was in town. Lets hope another four or five years doesn't go by without seeing eachother again. Thank you Kim for being one of those amazing people in my life. Despite the fact that we don't see eachother or even talk to eachother very often, I want you to know that you are very special to me and I cherish our friendship.