Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fulfilling my promise

Okay. So last night I made a promise to cyberspace that I would download and then upload at least one picture from the last months or so. So here is one of my favorites.

This is Lybbi. Most of you have never seen her. She is my elusive kitty. I bought her from a pet store about six years ago. I actually drug her out from the back of a dirty cat box. She was terrified and wouldn't dare come out to visit with the rest of the 15+ kittens also in the same space. She is frightened by nature and goes through life honestly believing that 90% of anything in sight is about to kill her. To me, this characteristic is mostly endearing. I am usually not the one she runs from. Because of this, she has a way of making me feel special in some way. In reality I'm sure the only reason is because I feed her and pick up after her, but I like to believe it's because of my kind spirit. :) Right.

The downside to Lybbi is her bathroom habits. I mostly keep this little issue quiet because frankly, it's frustrating and annoying and really it's not much to talk about. But the darn cat just refuses to use a cat box. After writing the last paragraph though, I'm starting to wonder if dragging her out of a dirty cat box just before choosing to take her home, might have something to do with it. Maybe it's some sort of ptsd or something that she carries with her. Some of you may think that is funny, but I'm serious. That cat just simply won't use a cat box... period. So how on earth does this work you ask???? Let's just say it's been a long long road finding something that works for both of us. I use a wonderful thing called puppy pads. They are easy to use... easy to clean up... and keep any smells to a minimum. I believe that most people who purchase these wonderful things, only do so for a few months... until puppy is trained to pee wherever necessary to go about life. For me... I have been buying them for about five years. It would be shocking to see what I spend on them. I think it is similar to having a baby in diapers for... well... forever. (okay probably a little cheaper... I've never had a baby in diapers. :) As for #2??? Well, that usually just ends up right on the floor... about a foot from the cat box. Seriously? Yes... seriously. So... I'm not telling you all this to gross you out and make you all think that I am dirty and crazy for tolerating this. Honestly, I figure if she continues to use the pads, it's just a compromise. And really, I just love her too much. Plus... when I look at a picture like the one above... it makes it all that much easier.

Any comments on other cat issue solutions would be very much appreciated... until then. It's business as usual. :) Aren't you all glad I decided to post a blog... especially one like this. He he... yuk. Sorry. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I know... it's been way too long

I decided to check in on my blogs that I read this evening and really just had the guilt take over me. I haven't posted in two months! Yikes, that's embarrassing. Part of the problem is that I got a new amazing camera for Christmas, but my computer is so bogged down with crap that I'm almost scared to download the hundreds of pictures I've taken for fear that it's going to make it worse. I know that is a silly reason, but the truth none the less. I need to start a massive computer re-haul and hope that I can fix it up enough that I don't have to buy a new one just yet. I'm putting off the inevitable... I really don't want a two thousand dollar bill to pay on right now.
So, I am working on the struggle of digital image storage... what to do. Is it CD's? DVD's? A hard drive? Online storage? or is it best just to do two or three of these things and hope that at least one method won't fail you? I am one of those people that live and breathe the ability to make and capture and retain as many "memories" as possible. So now that every memory I have made for years is now just a blip on the computer, I'm consumed by the idea that my computer might one day just blow up and all would be gone. So... I just bought myself a fire/water proof Honeywell little safe for a great price and I'm thinking of storing DVD's of my pictures in there and then keep my harddrive out so that I can store them there as well and get to them easily. That is the plan for now. I'm hoping it works. I know this is a silly thing to blog about after two months, but honestly it is consuming my life right now.
So, I'm going to make a deal with you that actually still even bother to look at my boring blog... I plan to upload some of my new pictures from my new camera and will get them posted for you this week. I really like some of the new pictures I've gotten and would love to show them off. So that's the deal... download and blog. I'm working on it... I promise. :)