Friday, June 25, 2010

a promise

So, I just made a deal with myself that I would get on here, and post the most recent photo in my iphoto... (keeping in mind I haven't downloaded any of of my cameras in several weeks) and this is what I found.  
No, one of my preschoolers did NOT draw this for me... I drew it myself.  Yup... don't be too jealous... Justin is a bit worried that I might take over his gig... what do you think?

It's hard to really tell which one is better.  

This brings me to a few things to update you all... (if anyone even bothers to check anymore... )  
First of all, my photo is drawn a the new ipad... not mine sadly, but on Justin's sister's ipad.  It is an amazing toy and I love it.  Stacey (Justin's sister) is doing some amazing things with it... check out her new blog that is linked to mine here called iPad Sketchbook.  Nice work Stacey!

Also, Justin's painting here is just the beginning of great things in his studio.  If you are an Oregon Ducks fan at all, or plan to go to a football game this year just for fun... pick up a program and take a good hard look at the cover because each and every game this year there will be a new painting on the program cover.  :)  I am so very proud of him getting this great opportunity and I can't wait to see what he creates.  And the good news is, that if he gets too busy and can't finish in time, I might be able to help him out a bit.  :)

Thanks for checking back in... I do realize my last post is in reference to something that happened six months ago.  :(