Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Shutterfly evening

Well, I just spent hours upon hours sorting, uploading, cropping, selecting, editing, you name it on Shutterfly. I just love that site. If you've never done anything on this site and you are a picture fan like me... listen up. I have been using them for a couple years now and have found that they truly are the best. You get free stuff all of the time and my favorite part about them is that they allow you to use numerous offer codes all at once. For instance... tonight I got 50 print free for ordering a photo book a while back, a free 7 by 9 photo book (offer code READYMADEBOOK) that I did up with all of the pictures from April's Bridal shower, three free holiday photo cards (offer code 3FREECARDS), and then I have a 10 cent per photo plan through them so I ordered all of my summer vacation photos through them tonight too (319 of them :) and because I ordered over $30 of prints, my entire order shipped for free. So... I spent $30 tonight and got a photo book, 369 prints, and 3 photo cards! That's amazing. You can't beat that even at Costco. :)
So, I didn't write this just to brag about my good deal, but to share the good news, AND show upload a few amazing pictures I found along the way tonight. Enjoy. And if I can offer a word of advice tonight, check out Shutterfly (or another photo site) and get those pictures off your computer and in your hands. Its much better when they are right there and available to frame or scrapbook RIGHT NOW! Looking forward to my upcoming package. :)

This first set of photos is from this last Spring Break when my entire family was all able to take a vacation to Disney World. Who really knows when the next time we will be able to take such a trip all together... that's what made this so very special to us all.

This next set of photos is from our trip to the beach for April's Bachelorette Party. Those of you who read an earlier post of mine saw one version of this set of pictures. On this day we were playing with both my camera's timer and it's continuous shooting abilities. This is a very small sampling of what we got. :)
And finally, we each took a turn running down a sand dune in a "baywatch" fashion using the continuous shooting... here is both the beginning and end of Kara's run. (forgive me for sharing my dear... but it is just too funny not to. :)

I will spare you the in-betweens...

Here are photos I took when Justin and I went to Pacific City the morning after April's wedding to get a little rest. It was wonderful.

And finally, I leave you with my favorite... Puma. Jumping from the washing machine to her cat tower about six feet away... That's my Puma. :)